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A Revolution in Health and wellness
Genesis | Antiaging |wellness Defense | systems | Scripts
A Revolution in Health and wellness

    What is 7 + 9 ?

    How GAWDSS is Pioneering ESG-Aligned Health Advancements

    Many compounds promoted for longevity can exist in multiple forms. Often only one form is bioavailable and safe for human consumption, while other forms may be inactive or even toxic.

    α-NR vs. β-NR
    For example, the β-form of NR can be effectively absorbed and utilized by the human body, while the α-form of NR has unknown safety and efficacy. Using common production methods, α-NR gets generated as a byproduct when trying to produce β-NR. To get 60g of usable β-NR, around 40g of α-NR also gets made, much of which may end up contaminating the final β-NR product since most current technologies cannot separate the two forms completely.
    What is Good for the Planet is Good for You
    GAWDSS uses leading green production technology that features zero byproducts and 100% conversion into β-NR – the only efficacious and safe form of nicotinamide riboside (NR) for human use. This innovative method utilizes natural compounds in a far more efficient, sustainable, socially responsible way with a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional production processes. What’s more, it delivers pure β-NR that can be depended on for positive results towards your longevity, performance and wellness goals.

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    to use hydration therapy science and cutting-edge solutions to promote optimal wellbeing, enhance human performance, and extend lifespan.

    Discover the essential longevity routine to slow down your pace of aging

    Modified Myers

    (Patent Pending)


    Meyrs Cocktail can be highly acidic due to compounds such as Ascorbic Acid.Acidity has led to small percentage of people being hospitalized due to acidosis. We are the only clinic to PH balance Myers Cocktail to provide better absorption.


    (Patent Pending)


    Scientifically proven to increase NAD levels beyond all other NAD therapies. Don’t believe us? We provide NAD test kits so you can see the results yourself.


    (Patent Pending)


    Focused on cellular demethylation to help reduce damage to epigenetic bio-markers. Decreases triglycerides (blood fat) by up to 75%, and improves overall weight management goals .

    GAWDSS Cocktail

    (Patent Pending)


    Focused on promotion of bio and neo genesis. Improves athletic performance through the support of homeostatic networks and optimization of damage repair.


    (Patent Pending)

    $1200 -$18000

    All the benefits of Gawdss Cocktail with cutomized peptides and biologics based on customers needs

    Love Gawd

    (Patent Pending)


    Enhances sexual desire and performance for both Men and Women. Can be added to any IV product.
    Energy and Vitality
    Libido and Hormone Optimization
    Immune Boost

    Take Control of Your Aging

    “In recent years, scientists have made breakthroughs, identifying changes in key bio-markers associated with aging. This has enabled our world-renowned team of longevity scientists and doctors to develop therapies and tests that can help you track your aging process.”


    Experience the power of all-purpose biologics. From hangovers to wounds, colds to pre-workout, hydration to respiration, GAWDSS Powder can help it all.
    Directly impact oxygen levels on health wearable
    GAWDSS Powder is the only product that may directly impact O2 blood saturation levels on health wearables.
    Save the good stuff for your veins. Nearly all IV Vitamins are highly bioavailable through oral ingestion. Anti-aging compounds are not, and optimal absorption requires intravenous therapy.
    Speak to a physician about GAWDSS hydration therapy before taking extreme measures such as liposuction.
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    Speak to a physician about GAWDSS hydration therapy before taking extreme measures such as liposuction.

    NAD IV is a Hoax


    Haus of GAWDSS

    Haus of GAWDSS was born from a friendship between Dr. Daher Hajje, a pathology expert, and Ritvik Raturi, a lawyer with over a decade of exposure to biotech litigation. During many evenings discussing the latest longevity research, they realized no clinic offered the therapies they wished existed.

    They were frustrated that proven anti-aging science was not being used clinically and many of the main stream therapies are not backed by science. There was a gap between science and real-world application and Haus of GAWDSS was created to close this gap. They envisioned a clinic grounded in validated research to empower people to take charge of their biological age
    Mr. Raturi’s work exposed him to innovations not yet mainstream and Dr. Hajje verified the validity of these innovations. Together, they created Haus of GAWDSS, as a new approach focused on research-based therapies. Their clinic offers unique solutions, combining professional expertise with scientific advancements. They have developed proprietary therapies targeting overlooked longevity pathways.
    We hope you’ll join our Haus and experience the difference. Our knowledgeable team looks forward to guiding your journey towards your greatest self.

    We sell test kits so you can take charge of your health and track critical bio-markers such as methylation, NAD, triglycerides, blood oxygen, and more.”




    Pre-Hangover Water


    GAWDSS Test Kits
    Your Health In Your Hand

    Prolong your lifespan with our expertise

    Our world-renowned team of longevity scientists and doctors developed innovative supplements to slow your aging and unlock your vitality. With ongoing, cutting-edge research, we continue to offer you new possibilities.


    Foster Neo and Bio Genesis​


    Strengthen immunity and fight off illnesses


    Reduce blood fat by up to 75%, control weight, and help recover and repair the body


    We provide topical creams for hormone replacements solutions

    Anti Aging

    Improve aging bio-markers such as Telomere length, AKG and NAD levels


    Activate and connect network systems responsible for health and damage response

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is iv hydration?

    Iv hydration is a medical treatment that delivers fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous route and is effective in treating dehydration, nutrient deficiency, and boosting energy levels. The touted benefits hydration therapy includes energy boost, enhanced mood, longevity, anti-aging, weight management, recovery aid, and beautification. The us hydration market is worth over 22 billion dollars. nearly all hydration clinics offer hangover cures and over 1100 clinics offer longevity IVs, with 10,000 NAD+ infusions administered daily.

    How is GAWDSS hangover cure different ?

    Alcohol is a diuretic that depletes the body of water and essential electrolytes. Nearly all hydration clinics offer hangover iv cures because re-hydrating the body at a cellular level is essential for overcoming a hangover. For a hangover we do not recommend an immediate iv. GAWDSS water or oxygen salt is clinically formulated to provide cellular hydration and relieves hangover symptoms. In addition to water and electrolytes, alcohol depletes the body of NAD. NAD is critical in the metabolism of alcohol as it converts acetaldehyde, a type of poison. The more alcohol we consume the more NAD is depleted. Therefore to repair the cellular damage of alcohol we recommend any of our NAD boosting IVs.

    Why is GAWDSS NAD boosting IVs superior?

    NAD is present in all our cells from birth until death and the levels of NAD go down across our lifespan. For this reason, NAD is considered a bio marker of aging. Nearly all clinics in America have begun offering NAD boosting IVs. These clinics inject NAD+ directly into the bloodstream. Science does not support this practice because NAD is a large molecule which does not cross the cell membrane. Therefore when NAD is injected in the bloodstream it breaks down to metabolites, some of which enter the cell to create NAD. GAWDSS hydration HAUS is the only clinic in America that offers NAD boosting through a method of precursors that are proven to increase NAD within the cell at the highest level. Our method is scientifically proven to raise NAD the highest whilst effecting other bio-markers such as reducing triglycerides (blood fat) up to 75%.

    Does anti-aging and longevity therapy work ?

    Th .ere are networks in your body that keep you healthy and responds to damage. With enough damage these networks breaks down and which leads to disease(s), e. G. Cancer, diabetes, cognitive impairments, arthritis etc. Slow aging is based on our ability to maintain our health and damage response networks. GAWDSS proprietary method optimizes key networks associated with reducing epigenetic age which can be tested. We also provide key test kits allowing you to take health in your own hands and see the results for yourself. • science does not support this practice. In fact much of the current wellness and anti aging practices are not supported by science. Our practice specializes in increasing critical molecules associated with longevity at a cellular level. Our proprietary methods not only increase NAD but also other molecules that impact aging such as AKG and oxygen.

    Why is DNA Methylation the hall mark of aging?

    Fountain of youth is a story as old as humanity and we live in a time where the ability to slow the rate of aging and reversing aging is possible. Cutting edge science demonstrates that aging can be shown as a process where the inability to differentiate cells increase (e. G. Differentiating a skin cell from liver cell). The inability to differentiate has a commonality related to methylation patterns. Science has associated these patterns with epigenetic and biological age which is more representative of our actual health. Through the type of therapies provided by GAWDSS we are able the slow the rate of aging and even reverse it based on your DNA methylation pattern, thus bringing you to function at a younger state.


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    IV NAD+ does not cross the cell membrane intact and does not significantly increase tissue NAD+ levels while IV NR and NMN do

    Kimura et al. (2022) reported that NMN administration led to a significant increase in total NAD+ levels after 2 hours Grant et al. (2019) found that a continuous infusion of NAD+ resulted in a significant increase in plasma NAD+ levels only at the end of the infusion after 6 hours. Per the study authors “Unexpectedly, however in NAD+ infused participants, plasma NAD+ levels failed to rise until after the 2 h time point” indicating that IV administered NAD+ fails to cross the cell membrane intact and instead resulted in complete metabolism of NAD+ and its metabolites in plasma which then in turn crossed the cell membrane and contributed to only a modest increase

    Fig. 1 |

    NAD+ metabolism. Extracellular NAD+ is catabolized into precursors (NMN and others) by CD73. NMN and NR enter the cell through active and/or passive transport.

    IV administration of NR and NMN has been shown in several studies to be the superior method for elevating tissue NAD+ levels. Taken together, these findings highlight the importance of considering the route of administration when designing interventions aimed at elevating tissue NAD+ levels. IV administration of NMN and NR has been shown to be the superior method compared to oral administration and IV administration of NAD+. While oral administration of NR and NMN has poor bioavailability, NMN and NR can effectively cross the cell membrane and elevate tissue NAD+ levels when delivered intravenously. These findings suggest that IV administration of NMN and NR should be considered as a preferred method for elevating tissue NAD+ levels


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    2. Yang, T., Chan, N.Y., & Sauve, A.A. Syntheses of nicotinamide riboside and derivatives: effective agents for increasing nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide concentrations in mammalian cells. J. Med. Chem. 50, 6458–6461 (2007).
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